We live in worlds where we are often required to stifle our desires, maintain our composure, and keep ourselves physically safe all the while working hard. We lose track of what our passions are, and we’re frequently uncertain about how to realize them when we remember to attend to them.

At 44, Jennifer Zurba has grown into a woman of powerful charisma and empathy. Her ability to take clients in and make them feel welcome is superb. Sexuality Matters is the most recent actualization of Jennifer’s skills and vision. Having dedicated her life to advocacy, lived experiences, and the academics that surround our most primal desires, it is natural that her career is centered around supporting, studying and inspiring others on the topics of sex, modern relationships, self-worth, and sexual self-esteem.

As a sex pioneer, Jennifer has lived what she preaches for nearly two decades. She is married to a courageous and funny man, and the mother of two children ages 24 and 7. Jennifer has identified as polyamorous for eighteen years now. Her partners span the gender spectrum, and have been both short term, and long term in nature. Jennifer loves big.

Jennifer’s resume is as diverse as her personal life. She has taught critical sex education to inmates in the BC Correctional System, been the star of educational stages at trade shows, and taken the lead of smaller groups of clients in business-based settings. She has also been found on university campuses teaching large lectures, and instructing small campus groups who wish to better serve their peers. Her work is not restricted to academic settings, but also includes stage shows, parties, and the many lighthearted events of which Jennifer has been chief instigator for several years.

Clients rely on Jennifer. Her work is rooted in harm reduction, experiential opportunities, and sex-positivity. In everything she does, Jennifer’s education, enthusiasm, and commitment are evident. Her ultimate goal is to empower her clients in becoming at home with their true passions. In everything she does, Jennifer’s heart shines through and her kindness is clear.

Jennifer’s broad skills set, expansive professional resume, and vast wealth of life experience have come together to create Sexuality Matters. Being an advocate, a sexual health professional, a mother, a wife, a lover, a friend and an educator are not separate activities for Jennifer, but rather the parts of a whole that make her authentically who she is.