My goals in client sessions are to...

  • Provide a warm, empathetic, safe & respectful environment
  • Help you access your own insight and voice
  • Encourage you to act on the self-identified change that you desire
  • Strategize how to make change happen
  • Witness your experiences
  • Propel you to new heights
  • Support you through your personal process
  • Foster your capacity to work through issues with increased independence
  • Inspire you in the transformation of your life
  • Teach you new skill sets
  • Give you awareness of new ideas

Private coaching sessions are tailored to your individual needs, allowing me to give you intimate, focused attention to your immediate and long-term goals.

I provide three kinds of coaching, depending on your specific needs: Consultation, Hands-on interactive sessions, and Exceptional Experiences.

1. Consultation

These are discussion-based sessions in which we focus on the issue, question or problem you wish to address.

2. Hands-on Interactive sessions

Sometimes words aren’t enough. Aspects of physical interaction, techniques and more can only be truly communicated by showing, not telling. With your complete consent and comfort always foremost, we help you master the skills and interactions you need.

3. Exceptional Experiences

These are specially customized experiences that help you break through barriers or address issues that have been holding you back. It may involve bringing you into a specific environment or to a unique location. The specifics depend on you – I always plan and prepare with the utmost care to ensure your experience is positive and empowering.

Additional information

If you’re not ready to see me yet, but would like to get a sense of what I might be able to offer, follow me on FaceBook and sign up for my mailing list (see below). I provide a lot of great content that might just offer you some insight or support.

In advance of our session, I provide you with a questionnaire to fill out, to help us navigate and maximize our time together. It helps ensure you get exactly what your heart desires and you deserve.

Sessions are offered in my licensed Port Coquitlam office with on-site reserved parking for your ease.  My office is a large, bright, comfortable oasis with fabulous art, an extensive lending library and comfy chairs to nestle yourself in.

When seeing me in multiple sessions it is often the case that you will be lent books or items to further your learning outcomes.

As well, clients often receive:

  • followup notes to support their home learning
  • link love
  • online forum suggestions
  • book recommendations
  • community group referrals
  • journal prompts
  • field trip ideas.

I also provide remote sessions (on FaceBook Messenger and by phone) for those living outside service areas or with barriers to accessing face-to-face services.

Sessions are 60 minutes and begin and end as scheduled.

Coaching Fees

Per-Session Coaching

$90 for one 60-minute session.


6-Session Package

$500 for six 60-minute sessions.

Redeem anytime.

Hands-on Interactive Sessions

$125 per hour, two-hour minimum.

Exceptional Experiences

$250 for 90 minutes.


Although licensed, I am unregistered. As such my fees are not covered under extended health plans and thus become an out-of-pocket expense.

Sliding Scale option

I have created several sliding-scale spaces for individuals who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People Of Color), queer, transgender or gender diverse, and/or who live with chronic illness or disability, to have access to without prejudice or shame.

Please contact me in strictest confidence regarding availability, and to discuss further if you would like to request one of these sliding-scale spaces.

Clients who are currently paying my full fee rate are supporting widened accessibility of my sex-positive mandate. I salute you.

Click the button below to contact me. I’ll send you all the info you need about next steps and answer any questions you may have.

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