I present a variety of workshops, lectures and seminars, refreshing content and adding new workshops often in response to client feedback over time.

Most workshops are 2 to 2.5 hours long (a few last a bit longer) and include a short break. Some workshops feature an interactive component (with a model) and others are solely a lecture – me talking and teaching.

Some notes:

  • Workshops are open to those 18 years +.
  • Some workshops are women-only or men-only and others are couples-only.
  • Workshop content is rated Adult because of sexually explicit language and content.

Available Workshops, Lectures and Seminars

Sex Ed 101 and beyond

Tackle the basics or go deeper with advanced info
  • A little more than a slap and a tickle – BDSM 101
  • A pleasure-seeker’s guide to kinky Vancouver
  • Between our legs: Masturbation for women (a women-only class)
  • Bottoming Skills: Learning how to bottom from a bottom
  • Butt sex and anal pleasure
  • Cock sucking: The blow job, hand job class (also called ORAL: On him)
  • Erotic wax and ice play—a hands-on class
  • Extended teasing and the art of foreplay
  • Fetish basics
  • Finding and stimulating the G-spot, and female ejaculation
  • Hot sex for the uninhibited
  • How to practice safer sex
  • How to put a glow on the cheeks of a bottom: Spanking, caning, and more
  • Kiss me like this—a couples’ class
  • Masturbation for women—an interactive journey
  • Masturbation skills for both men and women
  • Playful Bedroom Games
  • Private parts: Genital play for the adventurous
  • Provocative Positions For Lovers
  • Pussy-licking good (also called ORAL: On her)
  • Sensual play for lovers
  • Sex tips to please
  • Sex toys and pervertables
  • Strap it on and slip it in
  • Take charge! Being dominant in the bedroom, a scene, or a relationship (a women-only class)
  • Threesomes and group sex play
  • Tie me to the bedposts, please!—bedroom bondage basics
  • Topping skills and play styles

Build Me Up, Buttercup

Help bolster your self-esteem and set your boundaries
  • Being authentic
  • Creating a safety net
  • Creating boundaries
  • Developing sexual self esteem
  • Expressing Desire
  • Finding your voice
  • Moving through fear
  • Sex etiquette
  • Worthiness

Can We Talk? Communication Skills

  • Asking for what you need and want
  • Coming out of the closet
  • Deescalating techniques
  • Family Meetings
  • Flirting to get you noticed
  • From nervous beginnings to building a sexual adventure: Negotiating 101
  • Negotiating in relationships

Positive Parenting

  • For parents: Sex is a lifelong conversation
  • Raising sexually healthy children
  • What should children know about sex, gender and orientation
  • How are youth "hooking up" and what does this mean
  • Talking to children about bodies and people
  • Raising children when practicing polyamory
  • Ensuring your child is empowered
  • Role modeling consent

Modern Relationships

  • Bi-curious? Where to start for girls who want to date girls (a women-only class)
  • Dating and mating using an on-line profile approach
  • Ethical Non Monogamy Options
  • Infidelity & Cheating: its impact and how to avoid it
  • Navigating multi-partnered relationships and/or polyamory
  • Polyamory 101
  • Picking up women for women
  • Sexting & Texting

Private Hire

I'm often engaged by educational institutions for a lecture on topics that are directly related to their curriculum, typically in the area of sexuality and gender issues. Past presentations have focused on (example), (example) and (example). Please contact me to discuss how I could enhance your students' learning experience with a customized presentation.