Jennifer is a huge inspiration to me and her presentations and classes on sex are the best that I have ever seen. I love how crazy open she is and that has helped me change my whole perspective on life.


New awareness

I have known Jennifer for several years and when a recent relationship ended, I contacted her to help me realign my sexuality to my new status in life. Jennifer became my guide through a spiritual, sexual and physiological awakening. Her intuitive and inquisitive nature, combined with her experience and education, led me through an exploration of past, present and future experiences and expectations. Because of the thorough work of this amazing woman, I have a new awareness and appreciation of myself as a sexual being.

Woman, age 50


I have known Jennifer for over 10 years.  I have taken at least 6 or 7 of her public sexuality classes, 3 private group classes and have had the pleasure of having 2 individual focused sessions with her.  I have found Jennifer to be an extraordinary presenter/teacher/advocate/information provider and more. I love how no subject, question or topic is ever treated in an awkward or uncomfortable manner. Jennifer’s way of providing answers and assistance always seems empowering, and tuned in just right for whoever she is with. Terminology, body language, comfort levels are all taken into account when working with her. Jennifer is one of my favorite sexuality educators and I have confidently referred others to her whenever possible.  I would highly recommend her for any of life’s intimate challenges that need a helping hand, guidance, direction or sometimes just an understanding and non-judgmental ear.  I have never worried about my confidentiality being breached as Jennifer is acutely aware and takes extra effort to maintain the strictest confidentiality of her patients/students/participants.

Tricia – Olympia, WA

Male, 25

I first met Jennifer as a guest speaker in a university criminology class. She spoke about sexual deviance and gave a different perspective on how certain sexual acts are labeled deviant and how that label may not work with others lifestyles. After Jennifer's lecture I messaged her and shared some intimate details about myself in hopes of finding someone who would not judge me. I found nothing but acceptance when talking to Jennifer and have enjoyed being in her multiple online groups. Jennifer creates an inclusive atmosphere that promotes consent, respect, and education.

Male, 25

Quickly felt at ease

  1. I met Jennifer over 10 years ago when I hired her for some private coaching. I was looking for tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom. Initially, I was nervous and anxious about talking to a stranger about my sex life. As soon as I met Jennifer, I quickly felt at ease. Since then, I have attended several of Jennifer's classes and seminars.


Never a dull moment

Jennifer is someone with whom you feel comfortable freely discussing anything about sexuality, relationships and intimacy. She is always full of vibrant energy and has an uncanny knack for energizing everyone around her. She has a warm smile and brings humour into her classes and coaching sessions. With Jennifer, there is never a dull moment. Her classes and private coaching sessions always seem to fly by and at the end, I've always been excited to try any tips or advice she has provided.

Scott – Vancouver, BC

A life saver

Jennifer has been a lifesaver after my separation from a 20-year relationship. She offered me a 10 session package to "re-learn" my sexual potential by teaching me the basics on all topics I needed a refresher on. She has seen my potential and has guided me with compassion, patience and openness. She has also introduced me to a network of amazing people and community. We have become friends from day one. I am now in my second year of single life and I'm confident in myself. I enjoy life and owe Jennifer a good part of my success.

Audrey – Burnaby, BC

Getting more dates

I have known Jennifer for over 20 years but just started using her services in how to attract and get more dates. Jennifer gave me solid, loving information and my dating life has improved. I want to thank Jennifer for the advice, homework and knowledge as she is a woman with all the right information you're looking for.


Grateful to the Universe

  1. Jennifer creates the most safe, inclusive spaces for personal empowerment that it has ever been my privilege to experience. I'm grateful to the Universe for putting my husband and I into her circle of great people.


Stands out

I've met many other sexuality professionals around the Lower Mainland and she, by far, stands out above all others in knowledge, practical and hands-on experience. I would recommend her to anyone that would like to learn more about their own sexuality or simply to add more spice to their lives!

Woman, 44 – West Vancouver

Love of life

What an amazing experience to meet someone with so much knowledge, patience and love of life. I have attended many of her sexuality and relationship classes and adult parties over the past 10+ years and am most impressed by the genuine people that surround her. I cannot express how grateful I am for having this woman in my life as a guide, mentor and friend.

Sarah, 48 – Surrey, BC