This is my longest-running and most popular event. This hot, wet night of passionate potential and promise takes place in Vancouver BC, in a classically styled eucalyptus steam bath house (no hot tubs).

Sultry is an environment that inspires sexual adventure, hot and heavy action, and light and silly play. No Sultry party is the same as the last. Let the steam lift your inhibitions and cares away. Design for yourself a night ripe with delight. Do you want to find friends for a frolicking hook up? Do it! Do you want to recline in a sauna and have your partner rub out the stress in your… shoulders? Do it! It’s your party, and you are the decision maker when it comes to what you want to participate in, or watch. All we ask is that you come with a positive and open attitude.

Sometimes it can be awkward walking into a new environment, so if you’ve never participated in a Sultry party before, don’t worry, because there are many ice breaker opportunities in the form of arranged games, which you can participate in at your leisure. As your hostess, I’m a talented and experienced instigator. If you desire some help pushing your boundaries, if you need a little help easing into the event, or heck, if you want to start a water gun fight, just talk to me.

Beyond get-to-know-you opportunities, the aims of these games are to educate, amuse, and yeah, titillate. Get involved in some mutual lathering, join a whipped cream fight, or participate in a game of show and tell like you’ve never seen or been told about before! We only ask that you play to your comfort level.

Sultry is not a swing party, and it’s not about expectations. Sultry is about letting you be the guide on your sexual adventure. Come get your sexy on. You’ve got steam heat, we’ve got steam heat, but we all need a little loving to keep away the cold, and we’d love to have you.

Who will be there?

The members of Sexuality Matter come in all shapes and sizes, and are of all genders and sexualities! Sultry is inclusive, and a sex positive event. What does that mean? The hostess opens her arms to everyone. Attendees of this event are not expected to fit into a mould. People ages 19-99+ have a right to express their sexuality safely and ethically in this space, and will be in attendance. We accept that not everyone’s sexuality will look like ours.

At Sultry inclusion and kindness are the primary expectations. We celebrate all our bodies can do, not what we think they should do. This is a warm, inviting group of people, and we’re waiting to include you in all your authentic glory.

This event is transit accessible, and on a major bus route. Unfortunately, this event is not wheelchair accessible. It is open to Members of Sexuality Matters and their friends through advanced ticket purchase only.