Initially, I was nervous and anxious about talking to a stranger about my sex life. As soon as I met Jennifer, I quickly felt at ease.


Huge inspiration

Jennifer is a huge inspiration to me and her presentations and classes on sex are the best that I have ever seen. I love how crazy open she is and that has helped me change my whole perspective on life.


Genuinely kind

  1. I came to Jennifer to learn about the healthy sexual expression and I got that plus much more from her. A genuinely kind woman who treated me with kindness at a time in my life when I was struggling with being alone.

Reg, age 33

Polyamory skills

  1. We came to Jennifer to learn skills to open our relationship to polyamory and she led us forward as an obviously experienced excellent guide and mentor.


Gave me back my confidence

Jennifer taught me to be happy and love my unique, quirky, individual self; I was having a hard time with accepting myself until her, she gave me back my confidence.

Blew my mind!

  1. Jennifer came to my University and spoke to my second year class as a guest lecturer and she BLEW MY MIND! She is unabashed, open and informative, totally surprising, inspiring and impressing myself and my class mates.


Normalizes the conversation

  1. Jennifer normalizes the conversation about sex, making it an easy shared dialogue.